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    3 Monthly Payments of $399

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Nearly 30 hours of interview and resume training content!

In this program, we include the following:

  1. How to create the best brand to have employers come to you
  2. How to create the best resume so you can get interviews for highest paying jobs
  3. How to master every aspect of the interview
    • How to establish rapport
    • How to answer the key interview questions you’re likely to see
    • How to control the interview to best position your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
    • How to show the hiring manager you are everything they desire
    • How to answer the trick questions that exist in most interviews
    • How to address behavioral interview questions
    • How to best position yourself to be hired
  4. How and when to negotiate a higher salary

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Student Enrollment Agreement

    • Student Enrollment Agreement

  • 2

    Fireside Chat with Michael Gibbs, Interview and Branding Guru

    • FIreside Chat with Mike

  • 3

    Are You Ready to Work with Recruiters?

    • When to Work with Recruiters

    • Branding and Recruiting

    • Good Recruiter vs Bad Recruiter

    • Connecting with Recruiters

    • Building Your Network

    • Competency and Confidence

    • Selectively Applying

  • 4


    • How To Make a Killer Resume

    • Multiple Resumes - HD 1080p

    • Example Resume Review Session

  • 5

    The Interview Success Secrets

    • What Hiring Managers Want

    • Technical Competency

    • Presence

    • Communication Styles

    • Reading Body Language Interviews

    • Interview presentation skills

    • Humor

    • Interview Emotional Intelligence

    • Controlling Your Thoughts

    • Influence

    • Answering Questions You Don't Know

    • How to Negotiate

    • Conversation Between two Recruiting Experts with 25 Years of Experience

    • Sample Interview Practice Session

  • 6

    Group Session Recordings

    • Controlling the Interview

    • Controlling the Interview 2

    • Stressful Interview Situations

    • Stressful Interview Situations 2

    • Reading the Room

    • Reading the Room 2

    • Neurolinguistic Programming

    • Neurolinguistic Programming 2

    • Answering the Difficult Questions

    • Answering the Difficult Questions 2

  • 7

    Worksheets and Supporting Documents

    • 1 Interview Program Self Assessment

    • 2 Interview Program Peer Assessment Assignment

    • 3 Interview Program Special Skills Assessment Assignment

    • 4 Interview Program Developing Empathy

    • 5 Interview Program Open-Mindedness Assignment

    • 6 Interview Program Sample Interview Questions

    • 7 Interview Program Becoming Relevant

    • 8 Interview Program Recruiter Feedback

    • 9 Interview Program Post Interview Reflection

    • 10 Interview Program - Interview Thank You

    • 11 Interview Program Pre-Negotiation Checklist

  • 8

    Sample Questions

    • Tell me about yourself and why hire you

    • Goal Setting

    • Adaptability

    • Complex tech problem and how you solved it

    • Something you wish you did differently

    • Failed to meet clients expectation

    • Sucessful presentaion

    • Disasfied at work

  • 9

    Putting the Pieces Together

    • Putting The Pieces Together

The Tech Interview Fundamentals Program is designed to help you get the best tech jobs at the highest salary.

Many people in technology careers focus extensively and, to some degree, exclusively on learning technology but never master the interview.  This is a critical career mistake. 

See it doesn’t matter how good you are, it matters if you can prove to the hiring manager that they can’t live without you!

Those who master the interview can get almost any job they desire, at salaries far higher than their peers.

Did you know for elite tech jobs there is often a $100,000 salary difference between the highest-paid and lowest-paid members on the same team?  Did you know the key determining factor in the salary you are offered is how well you perform in a job interview?

For example, according to the average cloud architect salary in the United States is $196,863, but the range of salaries is $151,000 to $261,000k.  This is not exclusive to architects but any elite technology position.

What determines what you will be paid largely dependent upon how well you perform in the interview and your ability to negotiate.

We will teach you all the skills you need to show the hiring manager that they need you and can’t live without you! 

This will help you become the most desirable person for the position, maximizing your chances of getting hired, and maximizing your salary.

Sign up for our exclusive interview training program and build the career of your dreams!

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Don't waste your next interview! Maximize Your Future! Maximize Your Salary

  • $999.00

    Take advantage of options such as PayPal, CashApp, Affirm, Klarna, and more!

    Get started now
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $399

    3 Monthly Payments of $399

    Get started now